The largest city in Virginia. With 90% suburbs and 10% beach resort. Theres mainly millions shopping centers and small up scale downtown. The city is known in the "youth" mind as hard, or hood, or gangs run the The kids 21ish under to 12 grow up watching bet and real ghetto and see Norfolk, and then add there own drama by acting a fool. Some people have problems but most kids just follow what the real hood does to look cool, but they live in the suburbs. Mostly White. Along with that Many skaters and white boys acting black. Along with many asians due to navy area. For the most part Quiet city, not much going down, kinda lame place, it has country and farm land like 10 mins aways from downtown. some city.
Man Virginia Beach goes hard.....umm naw Newport News does.
by 7572009 August 06, 2009
Where the masses of pretentious spoiled rich kids reside who go on and on about how ghetto Norfolk is, when the only reason Virginia Beach isn't still a hunk of farmland is because of Norfolk.
Norfolks got culture, history, and real people.

Virginia Beach just has a P.F. Changs in their Town Center(a wanna-be downtown) and a corporately dominated farm town gone city.
by Norfucker February 24, 2008
"Virginia Beach Detective Roger Frederick told civic leaders last week that graffiti bearing the markings of gangs such as the Latin Kings, Crips, Bloods, Folk Nation and Gangster Disciples have shown up an taken over in Virginia Beach." Virginia beach does have bad gang problems. But the city has ben tyring to cover it up.
virginia beach "VA's worst city alive"
by va beach hoodlem January 21, 2006
The most populous city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Also known as "Drama Beach," it is located on the Atlantic Coast at the "mouth" of the Chesapeake Bay. Virginia Beach is known for it's extremes: aforementioned as the most populous, the easternmost city of the "Seven Cities (of Hampton Roads), and is located at the south end of the world's longest bridge-tunnel (Chesapeake Bay Bridge). However it is the DRAMA in Virginia Beach that is the most extreme...hence the nickname. A synonym for drama is "fiction," and that's what locals many locals create: fabrications, misrepresentations, and lies.
The guy I used to live was always lying, instigating problems, and making himself out to be perfect--I hated going home was so Virginia Beach.

You can stop lying to me because I already know you cheated on me; you act like we're in Virginia Beach.
by Owen Gno Money July 08, 2009
The biggest city in virginia, and very white. Many skaters, and it is not gangsta at all. There are district tensions rising between shadowlawn and King's Grant(The Grunt).Both are suburbs of the city.
Fuck Shadowlawn,The grunt is the real Virginia Beach hood.
Fuck the Grunt,Shadowlawn is the real Virginia Beach hood.
by anyomonous December 11, 2006
Home to over half a million people Norfolk's thugs and LOWLIFES spread over to the westside of the city Great Neck, and North East Parts the best place to live. Attracts alot of hot turist ass from entire east coast more like the Long Beach of the east coast.
Virginia Beach has some hot ass.
by VBKidd May 21, 2007
the largest city in virginia, but has the shittiest beach ever
aw hell nah, myrtle beach is so much cooler than virginia beach.
by bitch plz im from the 757 August 16, 2008
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