A decent town to live in. It's mainly suburbs and shopping centers with a filthy beach that is overrun by rude tourists in the summer. There's a bad gang problem that is covered up by the police. Lots of history, and an OK place to live if you get far enough away from the Norfolk border. We speak with a funny Southern accent and it's very diverse due to the many military bases in the area.
Tourist - Virginia Beach is great!

Local - You kidding? This beach is jank and dirty. I don't get why you people like to come here.
by tbontbtitq August 10, 2011
The best and largest populated city in virginia with populations reaching 500,000. Very diverse. The ocean front is very popular for locals and tourists from across the east coast. Not the best beach but great for entertainment. Major tourist city. In the 757, or the 7 cities of Hampton Roads
Boy: Where do you wanna go for Spring Break?
Girl: Virginia Beach all the way! THey have great entertainment
by VB757Rae April 28, 2011
Virginia Beach has nearly 1/2 million people residing here permanently, and most probably another 100K during the peak tourist season.

In 2010, it was rated the safest city in the US for a city of it's size (400-600K pop) by the FBI.

It is in the Bible belt, so there are churches on almost every corner, and the atmosphere here supports this. If you grew up in say New Jersey, you'd have to not use the F-bomb as much or else you'd have citizens looking at you like you were from another planet.

It is 90% suburban and 10% metropolitan with the new TownCenter offering the city a true 'downtown'. It's Oceanfront if very developed as well with tall hotels and many amenities including stages for outdoor concerts on the boardwalk, and often times, small amusement rides set up in one location or another.

It is finally catching up with Norfolk in offering cultural and art events meeting the needs of it's growing DC/NY/NJ transplant professionals.

It is also working towards having light rail, adding to the line that Norfolk is opening for service over the next 6 months.
Virginia Beach is a beach town offering an atmosphere such as Miami Beach, but on a smaller scale.
by Known for Uniting Neighbors May 30, 2011
Virginia beach va! Amazing city south east Virginia wealthy money! You have to have money downtown oceanfront and neighborhoods galore diverse and very very very few bad neighborhoods! Home of timbaland Pharell chad Hugo! Musicians, tons military bases! Va beach has less than 8 poor areas out of 66 areas! Tons of 24 hour!!shopping fun and professional careers! Medical hospitality law gov tourism real estate diversity Atlantic Ocean is va beach elements! Va beach is amazing city one of the best east coast
Virginia beach is diverse
by Truthful21 March 04, 2015
The only beach where you can get a ticket for wearing a bathing suit.
When visiting Virginia Beach make sure you stay on the sand at the beach because as soon as you walk off the sand and onto the sidewalk you can receive a ticket for your bathing suit attire AT THE BEACH.
by annabellebby June 06, 2012
Home to 5 military bases, Edgar Casey nuts, and Peta, this city is so diverse with its 3 tunnels. The tech pool is shallow, everyone dresses like mac users, and no one really knows what they are doing-- they just pretend. Most of the people in the area were not hit at all by the economy collapse, due to being dependents of their ever plentiful military parents. Men have a strange relationship with their mothers. Sexism exists. It takes 5-6 attempts to get anything done, and it ends up being "go talk to my cousin in the red house at the second turn who can direct you to Earl who can tell you where to find a salon where they dont butcher your hair on Wednesdays." All of the guys are really ugly, really hipster, really messed up physically, mentally or both. Most of the local guys are completely satisified with their parental oriented life. Dont be suprised if he brings his mom on dates or is on disability, or is a throwback from the military.
"I wish I could go back in time and not have taken that shitty job in Virginia Beach."
by Jane of All Trades January 19, 2012
adjective; describing a person or place that looks amazing or beautiful but is functionally garbage.
Reginald: I met a Virginia Beach last night!
Adams: What do you mean?
Reginald: I met this Cougar at Hot Tuna yesterday and got her back to the crib only to find out she can't fuck to save her life. ugh... FML.

The worst Virginia Beach of all time has to be the 1990 Buffalo Bills!!
by Dr. Reginald T. Lovesponge III April 24, 2011

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