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That one patch of beautiful pure white snow untouched by the man and nature.
"The beautiful patch of virgin snow was peacefully lying there undisturbed. Then some hobo pee'd on it."

Bob- "Dude! Let's go impregnate that virgin snow!"
#virgin #snow #pure #virginity #pregnant
by Thatguywhowearspants February 13, 2011
vur-jin snoh
Fresh snow that hasn't been penetrated; usually under two days old.
The old couple's lawn had virgin snow all over their property because they have no kids to play in it.

I took the virgin snow's virginity as a scooped my hand into it, making a snowball and disrupting its serenity and innocence.
#virgin #snow #cherry #white #penetration #fresh
by KzN December 19, 2009
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