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A girl who has never actually had sex, but has done everything else a plethora of times.
"This bitch is one dirty virgin slut. She's had more fingers in her than a house bowling ball."
by xbassistdoodx February 25, 2012
31 13
a term used to point out the absurdity of contradictory statements made by republitard obama bashers
Tea Partier: " Obama is just like Hitler and Stalin"

Me: "WTF, Hitler and Stalin were enemies at opposite ends of the political spectrum, Hitler was from the extreme far right and Stalin was from the extreme far left. Saying somebody is like Hitler AND Stalin is like calling somebody a virgin-slut!
by Mr.Juan-derful July 15, 2010
585 123
A young girl that acts trashy in public to get attention but, in reality is a virgin. As soon as she is alone with a guy its hands off.

Prick teaser.
Don't bother with Susie, she's a virgin slut.
by Stan March 15, 2004
374 118
A girl that has no problem giving handjobs, sucking dick then swallowing, and taking it up the ass; but still claims to be a virgin because no one has fucked her pussy.

Also see technical virgin
Ex 1:

Laura sucked my dick and licked my ass five minutes after we met at john's party. But she still wouldn't let me put it in her cooch because she is a virgin slut.

Ex 2:

Bob: Thanks for sucking my dick while letting me see if I can fit three fingers into your pussy and ass. Now bend over and take it doggie style.

Laura: Are you crazy? I want to be a virgin on my wedding day. If you want, you can fuck me in the ass instead.

Bob: Stupid Virgin Slut.

by Robb145 October 09, 2005
236 98
Virgin Slut (noun): Virgin girls who are very forward with flirting and touching but haven't or don't want to "put out"--Teasing and feeling up on someone is something that's common. Likes to dance close and is pretty horny. Unsure of feelings. Usually very timid or self-concious outside of the party atmosphere.
- "Dude did you see how much she was grinding on me?!"
"Yeah but she's a total Virgin slut, she'd never put out."
by iTaytay November 25, 2011
38 14
a girl who does everything with guys, except banging him, who's too tight to do anything either.
hali butler is a virgin slut, dont get with her!
by beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerisgood February 03, 2011
29 17
Someone who is shit ugly and/or smart who will kiss or make out with someone but won't have sex or any rendition of sex I.e. (tease)
Dude that logan chick is such a virgin slut

I was like making out with my boyfriend and then he said that we should finish our project he's such a fucking virgin slut
by You really shouldn't know January 21, 2010
19 42