An extremely attractive young evangelical who frustrates mankind by refusing to allow anyone to sample her fine genetic attributes. Whilst occasionly this condition can be cured by marriage, in general, such women will shamelessly parade both their physical magnificance and their moral superiority before all men in order to satisfy their relentless desire for universal recognition. Virgin Mary Syndrome is commonly abbreviated to VMS.
Matt: Hey babe, grab your coat love, you've pulled.

Joanna: Sorry Matthew (whilst stroking his arm and pitying his damnation), I'm not that kind of girl, but you're welcome to come to my prayer meeting tomorrow morning.

Matt: Goddamit Jo, Brad told me had Virgin Mary Syndrome. Anyway, so have you seen Candi around?
by 69 All Stars May 08, 2013
Top Definition
That horrible panic a girl gets when her period is late... even though she has never come close to having sex.
Jane: "Joan, I'm so worried! My period is late! What if I am miraculously pregnant?!"

Joan: "Sounds like Virgin Mary Syndrome."
by lolcopter:) October 17, 2011
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