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1.Violent Pornography is a song by System of a Down which involves choking chicks and sodomy.
Also, apparently everybody fucks, sucks, cries, and dies.
2. a porongrapy that is violent in nature
It's a Violent Pornography, choking chicks and sodomy, the kinda shit you get on your T.V.

Matt stabbed the hoe in the Violent Porongraphy.
by Chilly Willy October 12, 2005
Exaggerations made by the news media in order to get more ratings or to brainwash their viewers.

Violent Pornography is also when the media is broadcasting tragedies such as accidents, incidents, violence, and wars constantly 24/7 to get people hooked to the T.V.
Fox News is full of violent pornography.
by Thatdude4 February 27, 2011
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