The improper way of saying more than one vinyl. To someone who collects records, it's one of the most annoying things.
kid1: dude lets go to a record store. i need more vinyls
kid2: man you're such a douche.... vinyl plural is vinyl
kid1: who cares? you know what i meant...
kid2: just get some at vinyl collective and don't ever talk to me again...
by d moneyy November 21, 2009
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Vinyl Discs. The grandfathers of CDs, vinyl discs are spun, mixed, and scratched by DJs.
Man, this vinyl that DJ is spinning is tha' shit!
by HMRising June 28, 2004
Vinyl usually refers to Analog Long Playing Records (LPs). While vinyl is not as mainstream today as it was back in the day, the format is still in use. Vinyl records are considered to be more "warmer" and pleasant sounding than CDs.
Many audiophiles (and non-audiophiles) argue that Vinyl is superior to CD, and those people are correct in my opinion.
by Analog Kid September 11, 2005

1. a phonographic record(also applied to the plural use)

2. a song recorded on a phonographic record

(from the material the records were made of)
Vinyl records are no longer used by most ordinary people, but are still common among DJs.
by The Return of Light Joker December 22, 2007
1. Something with such an incredible amount of badass-ery that it's survived since the 1800's

2. Hella fucking crunk
I'm about to go VINYL UP IN THIS BITCH.
by shragecage February 26, 2013
Well it's better than cd's (by a long shot).

Can be used for playing frisbee. Although I would not reccomend it.

Can be a pain if you don't feel like putting a vinyl on the record player.
Example 1. Person 1: Man Sublime is AWESOME!!!
Person 2: Hell Yeah they are! I just got there self titled on vinyl, it kicks ASS.

Example 2: I could listen to music on vinyl, but that gets annoying putting the vinyl on. Eh, I'll listen to it on cd instead. Not as good as vinyl, but is faster to put on.
by Borgie Baby October 24, 2011
A polymer compound misrepresented by a certain female known by some as Gypsy
Vinyl be vinyl not music.
by horakhty November 08, 2011
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