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the poet on who has gotten a fanclub in wales, also the teddy bear of Amaunet, usually takes the form of a crystal dragon( see Magenta Crystal Dragon), or half-dragon with a blend of crystal and human, has a cave underneath one of the trees in the forum's chat. Also has a lot of problems that will give Steven Hawking trouble. also one of the most twisted minded good natured, non-absolutely geeky people you will find, good friend of RedDragon5, Dark Lady, Skysong, Zhuge Liang, and Don Corleone

Please note that these are the usernames for the people on's Forums, not their actual names.
d00d 1:Hey man have you read the poem 'Walk the Aisle'?

d00d 2: no, who's it by?

d00d 1: some weird awesome guy that goes by the name Vincent Darkheart.

d00d 2: hey, i've heard of him, isnt he the guy that wrote about the guy that turned into a zombie?
by areUemo13 May 16, 2007
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