A guy who staged his own death on live television and people are stupid enough to believe he's really dead.
"Dude, did you see RAW last night? Vince McMahon got into his limo and it exploded and he died!"

"Um, jackass, it was fake. He's laughing at morons like you as we speak."
by JR23 June 14, 2007
Top Definition
The greatest promoter in the history of sports entertainment. He also yells "you're fired" alot.
"Kurt Angle, You're firrrrred"
by Christopher "PhoeniX" Ewing January 23, 2005
(n) a person who used one of his most hard working employee's deaths to his benefit to get ratings.
Vince mcmahon is currently being a vince mcmahon with the death of Eddie Guerrero
by Adrian February 12, 2006

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