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Noun -- The embodiment of the perfect man; receives numerous insults only because many mentally-challenged beings suffer from a humorous disease called jealousy.
"Bob hates Vin Diesel because Bob can't get a woman for crap, and Vin Diesel can."
by Diesel_Powered July 04, 2005
187 150
Vin Diesel is a new element of the periodic table, as he is a pure element unto himself. The symbol for Vin Diesel is Vn, because Vd would've implied STDs. This is ironic because the bacteria in Vin Diesel's penis will instantly kill any STD and/or small mammal on contact.
Vin Diesel's bodily secretions are highly explosive if mixed with orange juice, and so his every move is tracked by a team of governement agents, whom one of which is Bruce Campbell, with instructions to kill him should he fall into enemy hands.
by RandyL July 23, 2005
792 235
An actor with a hidden message
Vin Diesel rearranged= I end lives
by jdub27 March 01, 2007
627 90
An actor who used to play the fantasy role-playing board game Dungeons and Dragons. One of his characters in said game was a drow night-elf.

Known for being a badass or something. He should play a fine game of D&D in one of his action movies. It's so hardcore.
"I just killed a bunch of people like it was nothing. Now bust out those D-20's. It's time for some D&D."
by Compton Computer Salesman March 24, 2005
273 183
An alternative to religion.
All praises be to Vin Diesel!
by TehFuzz September 11, 2005
245 161
To grow so intensely enraged that all your hair falls out and you begin to kick someone's ass in slow motion.
1.The math teacher Vin Dieseled an innocent bystander when someone he hated glued themselves to his garage door.

2.I lost all my hair when I Vin Dieseled a dog for eating my sandwich.
by Anie Banani March 05, 2008
79 31
The person who made the worst career move of all time, which was starring in The Pacifier.
And be sure to catch Arnold Schwarzenegger in his new movie, Love Care Bear Needs A Bodyguard.
by Skin-Nerd July 17, 2005
237 216