Popular suffix often attached to anyword as an intensifier
he's tiredville after lookin' for us around the whole town
by William Warney July 03, 2009
Top Definition
Finnish for English name William/Bill.
Although Ville is from Finland, he does speak English and will respond to "William" if you address him as such.
by Ryan__ June 02, 2006
Louisville, KY
Back in the 'ville for the summer.
by john June 11, 2004
It is a name, the name means that the person has an abnormaly large penis (10-12 inches).
That guy's name is probably Ville, I can tell by the bulge on is pants.
by TheTrustedOne May 18, 2015
The short term of a city you reside in that ends with 'ville'.
Some cities in metro-ATL/ATL
by Kare July 03, 2005
In Louisville call people by "Ville"
greeting a person by "Yo What Up Ville"
by AcE February 04, 2005
a cadillac deville or seville.
look at the rims on my ville.
by heime October 09, 2003
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