Hey don't shoot the messenger... but... Both ND and villa girls suck at life, dress in high price, unoriginal cliché shit that daddy bought (how many north face clones do I have to see?), and will have to suck some rich cock later in life because that is they only way they will have reached success. There's no hope for dumb bitches these days. But I have to say, they make for a decent lay... plus ND girls are hotter.
"I'm obsessed with private school boys since I'm not going anywhere in life and only set easily reachable goals."

"Oh, my dad will pay for it."

"ND girls are more fun..."

"villa = unnecessary drama"
Possibly the most fucking ugly girls that i have ever seen or me. They are all butterfaces that have sex with bags over their heads becuase they are to ugly to look at. There is no comparisin with u and notre dame becuase notre dame girls are really hot and u guys are just about teh opposite. The fact is that u and devon kids just dont fit in the pennsylvania area becuase no one likes u. The ugliest girl at notre dmae is hotter than about 95% of the gorillas at your school. for every hot girl u have u have 600. So before u talk shit about other schools, take a look in the mirror(It looks like somone beat every girl with an ugly stick)
-beat as hell
-hairy gorrilas
so guys before you think about dating a villa girl, i would think twice.....lol hahhahahahah villa is such a joke
No need for it...its the truth
by The Truth March 20, 2005
villa means cock in Cypriot (greek dialect). no wonder the villa girls are known as "villa gorillas"
"villa gorillas make me nauseous."
by notre dame is just better March 19, 2005
"Commonly compared to the Academy of Notre Dame yet exceeds them annually in both the number of national merit semifinalists and finalists, and the field hockey seasons." Thats funny.. I'm pretty sure we beat you guys in field hockey this year.. yupppp
you wishh you went to nd.. <3
by ndaa <3 March 19, 2005

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