Beautiful Galician city in the north-west of Spain. Famous for its beaches and seafood.

It is, as well, home to the football team called "Celta de Vigo"
I went to Vigo last summer and really enjoyed it!
by Alexvigo March 26, 2013
Top Definition
tall good looking blond evil guy from Ghostbusters II.
Vigo was trying to take over the world but the Ghostbusters stopped him.
by Stacy June 27, 2004
A slut who is unattractive
Guy 1 " Have you seen that ugly chic?"
Guy 2 " Oh yeah, that's Samantha. She's a major Vigo."
by Spittingtruth September 17, 2014
Abbreviated derivation synonymous with vigorous and vigilant.
Your vigo can only be met with aplomb.
by Hercolena Oliver May 18, 2008
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