When a person eats a plate of spoiled food and defecates diarrhea in their partners mouth in which the proceed to eat it with delight.
I cooked my bf some raw beef today on purpose, Im hungry for a Vietnamese sandwich tonight

Man, that jerk stole my lunch Im gonna give him a vietnamese sandwich tomorrow.

Alex loves vietnamese sandwiches from richey's he says they're the best, especially on latin night.
by Shwan October 30, 2007
Top Definition
A sex maneuver in which one partner spreads the other partner and proceeds to smear the butter. Immediately after, the vegetables and the meat are inserted within the buns. Finally, the climax occurs when the sandwich is devoured.
My name is Hangbo I duh horny for Aaron Cha. Thus, I gave my partner a Vietnamese sandwich. He especially enjoyed the butter that I smeared all over his face and he also enjoyed the vegetables and meat that I inserted in his buns.
by sexymania October 07, 2011
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