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A buddy of mine named Marty (last name not disclosed) told me of a great way you and your buddy could get off simultaneously. The method is described as follows:
Strip your partner naked and position his buttocks so it is facing upwards towards the ceiling. Heavily coat his anal walls with KY lubricant. Insert a vaginal condom or dental dam into his anus and tape the ends of this item to his butt cheeks with surgical tape. Using a clean and sterile needle, poke approximately 10 holes into the condom making sure not to puncture the inner walls of your partner’s anus. Loosely pack the condom with premium Vietnamese grown bud or shake on a bed of cotton lightly moistened with hash oil. Light the cotton with any incendiary material (wooden matches preferred). Blow out the flame leaving an ember that slowly burns your product, emitting a nice skunk like odour and smoke. Begin to stimulate your partner to orgasm. As your partner orgasms, his anal sphincter will alternately open and close with each squirt, thus emitting pressure in his anus that will release air. During this time, you throw a blanket or towel over your head as your nose is 5 inches from his buttocks. As air is released through his anus you would inhale the smoke. The buds combined with gastric vapours increases the potency giving you an unbelievable euphoric high. Once this is achieved, you can switch positions.
Hey dude, wanna get high? How? Let's try the Vietnamese Brownstar Reefer or Marty's backdoor Ganja
by The_funbags March 01, 2010
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