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when a task is completed while sober, one may sometimes move on to load up their favorite herbal substance and apply fire.

this term may also be used when someone has been schooled.
Allllriiight we just shoveled this entire driveway. Time for a victory bowl.

Uggghhhh I just totally burned you in Mario Kart. Victory bowl time!
by anoneemmouuuusss March 06, 2008
A celebratory bowl of marijuana that must be smoked at the successful completion of any great endeavor or task.
passed a test? gotta smoke a Victory Bowl!
got laid? gotta smoke a Victory Bowl!
went out and got hammered drunk, then made it home safely? gotta smoke a Victory Bowl!

Man 1: "damn dude, I cant believe we just smoked all that weed."
Man 2: "yeah man, we should go buy more so we can smoke a Victory Bowl to celebrate this accomplishment."
by apemanfool December 14, 2009
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