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Someone from the state of Victoria (Australia)
Victorians are very angry people

Too much red meat?
Something in the water?
Frustration at always playing second fiddle to New South Wales?

Who knows?
Who cares?

Couldnt really give a fuck one way or the other personally; but, they annoy the crap out of me big-time.

I have met 3 nice Victorians in my whole life :)

I have fallen in love with a Victorian; I am such a tool. Seriously, these evil bastards take hate to a whole new level, they enjoy hurting people, it makes them feel more secure. Ive heard the men have skinny cocks which probably pisses the women off, which of course pisses the men off, which unfortunately can also really piss me off if they get too close.

Did I mention I am a tool? - cool, glad we got that sorted.
Already knew all the words of that serene but harrowing country song 'Dont fall in love with a Victorian' - check it out sometime its by 'Woolly B & the Sweet pussy collective' - that shit rocks dude!!

Such a beautiful state too; hell of a fuckin waste to fill Victoria with Victorians. Could have chucked the Tasmanians in there; it may have stopped those dirty little buggers from inbreeding so bloody much.
And quite possibly the Victorians could have gone to Tasmania and inbred themselves into oblivion (the non-existant type of oblivion; not the one that sounds awesome)
Too easy, but too fuckin' late to save me (run to the hills while you can, you stupid bloody random bogans; the Victorians are coming!!!)

There is some chance that you may have reached the conclusion that i do not like Victorians.
Of course, i must admit you are right - well done you, go to the back of the 'big bus' and wait for a window to lick

Ever towed a caravan around Australia?
Me neither, sounds like a right prick of an idea.
Worked in a Caravan park once in the sleepy little town of 'Hell on Earth'; the people were all inbred and kinda fucked up
Anyway, the point is that in a caravan park you can have a lot of people just sitting around; of course, when a vehicle enters the park they tend to look at the car and its number plates (as you do).
If those number plates have 'Victoria' on them - the vibe just goes to shit; its like everyone collectively loses 11 bits of happiness or some other funky fucked up shit

Victorians are fucked in the head
Stereotyping is wrong and ridiculously improbable
Victorians make their own rules though and because they are fucked; they are fucked!

Please Victorians stop being angry because you have skinny cocks and are duck fuckers. You are pissing the world off. You are up your own arse, how can you not feel it? - Fuckin Bogans the lot of you :)
by Your Mother Works At McDonalds December 08, 2008
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A resident of Victoria, Australia

Also: A resident of Victoria, British Columbia.
Victorians kick ass. Unless they come from Maryborough.
by _acid_bel June 09, 2009
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