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The most amazing girl you will ever meet. Definitely become friends with her because she is one that will always be there for you. (If you don't its your lost, and its a really big lost if you don't) She is an amazing, beautiful, and fun girl to talk to. She is someone who you can talk to and tell your deepest and darkest secrets. She is VERY VERY lovable. She is a girl that most guys don't like, they absolutely love her. She is a girl that most guys don't find pretty, she is gorgeous. When you talk to her, she will make your heart beat like there's no tomorrow. The only words to describe her is "simply amazing." She is a girl that drives you crazily in love, keeps you thinking about her day & night, and a gift of fate. She is a dream girl, that has become my reality. I can never be so thankful in my life.
Guy: Who is that girl?
Guy1: Well that is Victoria Marie Smith!
Guy: I forgot to ask her name, but she is so nice, oh I wish she wasn't taken.
Guy1: That sucks. Well her boyfriend is really lucky!
by luckyboykevin July 08, 2011

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