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The incredibly beautiful and talented keytarist from the band Cobra Starship. (Also known as VickyT) She has a dog named Gizmo.
Victoria Asher is awesome. Whoever wrote the other definition for her is an idiot :)
by lykeomgzholyfuck August 12, 2009
vicky-t. the keytar player for the hit rock-and-roll band Cobra Starship. is said to be a hot mess. cannot function without alcohol and/or hard drugs. is rumored to look like a man but has defended herself. one of the most ~epic was one lulzy night on fbrt in which she flipped her firebox of a lid and ~put them in their place~ latest news: SHE'S GETTING FAT
fangirl 1: hey, did you listen to your Cobra today?
fangirl 2: of course! i can't stand to think that i might actually have a chance with victoria asher.
fangirl 1: what do you mean?
fangirl 2: u no. have you seen her? she pretty much has to settle with what she can get.
by scene queen May 17, 2008