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1.Charlie's bitch.
2.Tries to emasculate Charlie but fails.
Charlie: Where's my money son ?
Victor Pachecho : I wasted it on cheetos to snort
I'm sorry !
Charlie: What Bitch ! - Smacks
-Victor Pacheco becomes manhandled.

Charlie : I can bench 300 pounds
Victor: Oh yeah I can bench 550.
Charlie: Let's see you do it
Victor : Watch me
*Lifts the weights*
Victor: Yeah you see that!
*Both arms snap*
Victor: Aaaaahh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aaaaaah !!! fidefjiosejgt.
*Legs start to move violently.
Victor: Help me !!
Charlie: *Sigh. Another Victor Pacheco.
by ElNachooo June 28, 2011
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