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Slang name for Venice Beach and the boardwalk area in Los Angeles. Originates from the popular ps2 game set in a fictional rendition of Miami. Venice, California, like Miami, boasts a good drug trade, and is home to some top quality weed. There are multiple head shops along the boardwalk to aid in the indulgence of sacred herb. A specialty here is the ceramic 'cigarette' one-hitter. Other shared characteristics with Miami include sunny, warm weather, homeless, the beach of course, a rich history, and poverty living alongside affluence (to the utter dismay of the latter, police efforts to drive out the indigents fail.)
I'm originally from the Inland Empire, socal's land of heat stroke ridden weather and barren empty sights. I now live in Vice City, California, where the air is fresh and the grass is dank.
by Mirror Roamer May 19, 2007
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