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the sexiest most amazing-voiced Mexican you will ever meet.
Oh my god it's Vic Fuentes! Let's kidnap him!
by DxTania November 23, 2010
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the lead singer of the amazing band, 'pierce the veil'. he is absoloutley gorgeous and perfect in everyway. he has a lovely voice and can play guitar. he is in a wild affair with kellin quinn. they are madly in love. and they also have 3 ways with jaime preciado.okay
'oh my god did you see pierce the veil at warped tour?!'
'yes oh my god and vic fuentes looked amazing!'
'i got stomped on in a mosh pit and then jaime hugged me!!'
'woah man that's awful but awesome at the same time!!'
'fuck bitches. get money.'
by bewbzs July 25, 2012
Vic Fuentes is the singer in hit hard rock band "Pierce The Veil" If you want another definition for him, look up "Sexy." He can steal your virginity with his voice.
Brittany: "Hey how bout that Vic Fuentes"!?
Cassie: "His voice made me orgasim."
by Seekthelight13 June 18, 2014

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