In roman-mythical times,it means a "woman that is a virgin"/"nun",but it is also an accessory company that sells watches.
That gothic kid sure has style,I bet he got his watch from Vestal.
by skaisdead December 29, 2004
Top Definition
A lame-ass town in upstate New York.
-Dude, what is that scar on the landscape?
-It is Vestal.
by Scotty-2-H January 22, 2005
A town in upstate new york, home of Binghamton university. Most believe that the people who go to vestal high school are all rich and get new bmw's for their 16th birthdays. yeah, this is mostly true. They all tend to wear abercrombie, have amazing homes with their wealthy parents, and have some sort of superiority complex. All schools in the area hate vestal and their raised noses. Other than the high school students, the area is packed with rich bitchy asians driving audi's from long island attending the university and townies with no teeth who believe dinner at applebee's is a special occasion.
"oh M gee! you went to vestal..? "

by so whaatx March 06, 2009
the highschool has the most druggies in all of the southern tier. lol. not all are rich. theres only like a few scattered areas with nice houses, other than that its lame and ghetto. just like everywhere else in the southern tier.
by highliver December 15, 2010
The grestest place on earth. Located in upstate New York.
Vestal won the state championship for mens soccer in 2007.

Im lucky, I go to Vestal.
by denmen November 21, 2007
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