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Quite the tastery beverage made as follows:

Use varying parts of:
Veryfine Fruit Punch
Coca Cola
Jack Daniel's no. 7

Use titration method for the optimum molarity.

No substitutions allowed.

For best results, practice titration methods under unsuspecting authority figures' unawares. Then, when it comes time to host in a larger social setting (i.g.88, AXP TFi), you will be regarded bees balls, irregardlessly.
-Damn, this goes down so easy...
-do they even make Veryfine juice anymore?
-I hear vodka and Veryfine Papaya is sic (sic)
-if this is Coke...
-...Don't Phase Me, Bro!

-Carolyn, Bill, Bill, and Bill all want Solo full of Veryfine Pepsi
by bowery969 October 29, 2012