the pitcher lower his cock into the catchers ear and rotates. Generally clockwise. For the more experienced sexual individuals.
"Man that vertical newton was passionate, i just hope your not deaf."
#cock #sexual experience #passion #intercourse #horizontal darwin #sweet
by mr. positons August 04, 2009
Top Definition
Vertical Newton is an interesting sort of sex position in which both members are upside down, while the penis is inside the other partner's ear. Sounds surprising, but in the heat of the moment, many women find it very sensual.
"I just got my vertical newton on last night!"
#position #vertical #newton #chicken hat #interesting
by Chacha311 January 13, 2009
an extremely obscure sexual move which involves the man to stick his "junk", if you will, into the reciever's ear and spins a 360.
"dude i just got the vertical newton last night, it was rad..."
#vertical #newton #sex #360 #intense #ear
by lindsey butts January 13, 2009
The vertical newton is an exciting, arousing, fast-paced newfangled form of foreplay that involves multiple senses by inserting the penile organ into the partner's ear. Due to the blood pressure and sensitivity to temperature of the ear, the intensity of the foreplay is heightened. Warning: not for beginners. If you are not in tune with your partner, it is very easy to damage their eardrum permanently.
"dang that girl knew just how to get me! She BEGGED for the vertical newton."
#foreplay #verticalnewton #sex #ear #schlong
by Austin Hunkoolovin August 15, 2009
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