a unique American state, bordering the Canadian province of Quebec. For a few years during the Revolution Vermont was an independent republic. Vermont has Lake Champlain (known for the Champ monster), the picturesque Green Mountains, snowy winters, cool people, clean air, and of course, its famous maple syrup industry.
On a Sunday I drove from Montreal to St. Alban's Bay, Vermont because I had never been to New England before. At the border is a sign that says "Welcome to the United States, Bienvenue Etat Unis". A nearby sign welcomes you to Vermont. I took a few shots of the Green Mountains panorama and the Champaign lake. I didn't see the Champ, however. When I returned to Canada the lady border patrol officer smiled when I showed her the bottle of Vermont syrup I got for my mom.
by rock'n'roller April 10, 2007
Save haven to pests of all kinds such as hippies, hicks, hillbillies, and homos. Prides itself on cheese, maple syrup, and ice cream, so fat people, take your self-consciousness-driven anger out on any Vermonter you see. Otherwise known for having nothing going on. Sales tax does exist there, but who cares, anyone with money to spend stays FAR away. Also has group of residents who want to willingly secede and create an independent country. Let 'em go. When we annex Cuba, we'll have an even 50 again.
Vermonter: I had nothing to do all year, so I decided to shoot up road signs, ride my snomobile, hunt, and drink cheap beer.
Other Vermonter: I'm in a perpetual acid flashback, and am under the impression that you have just sprung a third arm which is attracting all the woodland creatures.
3rd Vermonter: I'm a carpet muncher
by SitreadyRow March 27, 2009
even though its the whitest state in the country, we still hard core gangsters!!! no ones harder than a new england gangsta baby! ilovermont!
vermont is a P I M P and every vermonter is black at heart
we're in vermont yo
fo sho mother fucker.
peace out
by VERMONT LUVER November 27, 2006
state with Ben and Jerry's, trees everywhere, and winding crappy roads
I ate good ice cream in Vermont
by 0000 October 16, 2003
A fucking shithole of drug-addicts and morons. Let's live in a frozen tundra of retards who's main industry is maple syrup trees and re-selling pot from Canada. Ever meet a fuckin hot girl in Vermont? Good luck finding pussy up there, it's probably tainted with pale, hairy cunts and the semi-decent chicks are complete wastes and bitches from being hit on by every stoner loser. Gotta love high taxes, nothing to do, freezing your ass off, no employment opportunities and a socialism of fake niceness. FUCK VERMONT
Vermonter: A fucking idiot.
by Retarded Vermonters January 15, 2007
Vermont is a great place to visit, lots of things to do like ski and sightsee. Living here sucks though, it is mostly populated by Rednecks and pot smoking hippies, both of which are in overabundance. If your a moderate, VT SUCKS!!! Vermonters need to go to NJ to learn how to drive, 65 MPH really means 80 MPH you jackasses, and people wont get out of your way on the highway no matter how much you tailgate them or give them the finger. Girls up here are hit and miss, if your lucky enough to find one that shaves there legs, that means they are either a redneck (stay away) or semi-hott. Nothing like Jersey Girls. Summer sucks, rains every day. VT'ers think they are better than every other state, mostly because they havent seen other states. VT has a ridiculously high tax rate, and lots of poor people. Nowhere near as nice as a real state like New Jersey. Oh, and there are a bunch of dumbass hippies who started a movement to secede from the union. Unless you want to ski here stay away, AND DONT TALK TO THE LOCALS.
Vermont 'er-Our state is so great, we have no billboards and nothing to do.
NJ'er- This place sucks, rains everyday, and you fucking hippies need to learn how to drive. Lets go and have some real fun at the Jersey Shore!
by skiv43 August 11, 2008
A bad place full of crazy liberals, communists, socialists, and cross burners.the favorite past time of vermonters is to complain about their neighbors, mine is complain about this state. it is a place where grimy hippies will put a fake ticket on your car and let you know your driving an SUV. THANKS HIPPIES. just for that i now enjoy watering my trees with gasoline. Save Big Oil, kill a tree!!!!!
"hey fred isn't vermont the best"
"no johnny its full of scum bag democrats."
by BBBjr May 30, 2007
Vermont is an ok place. Nothing to exciting. Theres good skiing and snowboarding, but you may get lost on your way up to the mountain. The teenagers here are good looking, (depending on where your looking for them) DO NOT go up North or South looking for a hot girl, cause you won't find any (Red Neck City). They mostly live in the Chittenden County. The guys here are good looking, same w/ the girls don't go up north or south, stay mid-west. Vermont is also awesome for the stoners to come to (4/20 at UVM) and Ben and Jerry's! There is not much to do, so a lot go to Montreal and party there. Can't say much about the style of a typical vermonter. There are some very wealthy people that live here, and then there are some trailor trash people. So you might just want to come and check out vermont for yourself, because you won't expect what you think if you come to the Burlington area (chittend county is the places to stay in). Burlington is also known for its Ghetto neighborhoods.
Go Essex Hornets! Come to VT it isnt that bad of a place, cause i live here
by CorkyGirl41 May 19, 2005
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