A fucking shithole of drug-addicts and morons. Let's live in a frozen tundra of retards who's main industry is maple syrup trees and re-selling pot from Canada. Ever meet a fuckin hot girl in Vermont? Good luck finding pussy up there, it's probably tainted with pale, hairy cunts and the semi-decent chicks are complete wastes and bitches from being hit on by every stoner loser. Gotta love high taxes, nothing to do, freezing your ass off, no employment opportunities and a socialism of fake niceness. FUCK VERMONT
Vermonter: A fucking idiot.
by Retarded Vermonters January 15, 2007
A state that can be good for some people and bad for others. For me it sucks, i hav lived here pretty much my whole childhood and it seems incomplete i think hunting, fishing, and skiing are boring as shit, maple syrup sucks, the only thing it got goin is cabot cheese and ben and jerrys (even tho its not locally owned anymore and was bought out by some bigass company) o ya and i like snomobiling, but other than that vt is filled with rednecks, hippies, wannabe gangstas and barely any hot chicks, i live out in the fucking woods in the middle of nowhere and if, tomoro, my parents said we were moving to an urban area, i would go berserk for the thought of having a night life...
Vermont sucks unless ur a redneck...
by Footballkid002 June 29, 2009
Disregard the cutesy stuff (maple syrup, skiing, cheese, ice cream). Vermont is a state comprised of 50% trust funders (wannabe hippies, skiers, political activists from New York state) and 50% hillbillies that serve the trust funders' every whim. Vermont sucks slightly less than New Hampshire in that it is not totally bereft of cultural diversity. Vermont is a great place to live if you are wealthy and can winter somewhere else (well except for driving up from Westchester county to stay at your condo for some skiing on occasion).
Like, dude, I had to spend $8000 to keep my 1979 Volvo 240DL running. That was almost a tenth of my entire monthly trust fund check. I thought that I might have to cut back on my weed consumption but Dad paid for it. I only had to renew my promise never to return to Pound Ridge from Vermont.
by twinstates September 16, 2006
Definitely not like how the other people have said. I live in VT and honestly it's boring. The people are all fairly annoying and the same.(no offense, just my opinion)The Winters are hell on earth. The only VT music act i've seen live or heard of is Phish. Smart people are hard to come by, most of Rutlands IQ is below the average December temperature. Oh, and Goshen has some of THE WEIRDEST people you will EVER meet.
Tony and Sewie Story as told by my cousin. True too.
Tony and Sewie were off to steal wadiator at the goshen dump right???
Tony: Sewie! wait here and watch for cops while *mumbleImumble* steal wadiator!
Sewie waits and waits and waits and waits. Cop comes up.
Cop:What are you doing here Sewie???
Sewie: I watch for cops while Tony Steal Watioaor!
Well, that's vermont for ya!
by ms. randompants February 01, 2008
Pros- Ben & Jerry's Ice cream, Vermont made maple syrup, winter sports, quietness, nature, mountains, Vermont teddy bear factory, and variety of weather.

Cons- Rednecks, driving extensive amounts of time to get anywhere, weather usually keeps people indoors, weather is extremely unpredictable, smelly farms, no amusement parks, slow drivers, only 5 total shopping malls (only 2 of them are legit), bad roads, hippies, expensive taxes for no apparent reason, no beaches, and very limited employment options.

To conclude, obviously there are many more cons than pros... but to many, the pros are enough to outweigh the many cons. To some, Vermont is just too slow and boring.
by chicka from vt May 20, 2011
Vermont, a place with a bunch of hillbillies and hippies live, there are more cows than people, and half the people here dont use deoderant and colonge,
Person 1 - Hey are you from Vermont
Person 2 - Yea Why?
Person 3 - You smell, are you not using deoderant?
by nananananananananananananana July 17, 2012
The most boring place on earth. If you take out Burlington we are all basically living like amish. Burlington is cool with the music, hippies, and weed, but besides that the rest of us are living like our cows. P.S. We are over populated and over run by cows.
Man 1: Dude, what do you want to do?
Man 2: We can go to the music clubs in Burlington!
Man 1: We don't have the tech to go to Burlington. We have never seen a car before.
Man 2: F*CK, I hate Vermont!I guess we have to spend all night milking cows.
by peaceflower April 16, 2010
Cloudy weather 364 days per year
Summer lasts from July 1 to July 14
State Animal is the Carpenter Ant
State Bird is the Mosquito
A whole state where nobody thinks, they just 'feel that....'
Food stamps and government programs are a way of life
Taxes through the roof, pay levels through the floor
If you weren't born there they hate you and make it no secret
The only state that is actually an Eastern European country
Thinks 'the eyes of the world are on them'.
Total state population less than that of many cities.
Women more masculine than some of the men.
Look what it did to Howard Dean. "YAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH!"
"I used to live in Vermont, but I moved back to America."
by Rooster Davis August 01, 2006

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