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The first generation raised with the internet. This group attempts to be defined by ideas rather than stereotypes. They are multi-cultural, tech-savvy, and fashion independent. Connected and innovative early adopters, these tastemakers lead the consumer market in music, fashion, technology, and lifestyles.
Q: How do you find out today's weather?

Baby Boomers Read the Farmer's Almanac.
Generation X Watch TV, dude. There's like a weather channel and stuff.
Verge Culture Check the weather app on your smartphone, duh.

Q: Where is the uvula?

Baby Boomers Let me check my Encyclopedia Britannica...
Generation X uh...I think my girlfriend knows.
Verge Culture You guys are soo slow! Have you never heard of wikipedia?!?!

Q: Who was the...Verge Culture interupts

Verge Culture I don't have time for all this!! I've got music to make, jewelry and clothing to design, and viral messages to spread. Later! Verge Culture leaves...
by Oversat August 11, 2011