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Any individual who has a huge propensity for talking endlessly, largely about things you have no interest in and in spite of pleas to stop. The term comes from the idea that the person's verbosity is so extreme as to induce a level of suffering worth being deemed a small-scale act of terrorism.
Steve: Are you going to watch the fight on Tuesday? It's an important match for both contenders because -
Mike: I already told you, no.
Steve: Did you see the new independent film that had a good review in the newspaper? It's by the Spanish director -
Mike: NO!
Steve: You know, I can't believe how much of a joke the mayoral election was. I mean, I could've run a better campaign without -
Mike: Steve, SHUT UP!! You're a verbal terrorist, you know that? A Verbal TERRORIST! Go harass someone else, ok?
by Terse Verse November 18, 2009

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