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When you try to say something and you mix the words up or the letters.

Dyslexia with words.

Almost a Tongue Twister
Instead of:

Going outside to have a cigarette.
You say:

Going cigarette to have an outside.

Instead of:

Lets call Jennifer

You say:
Lest call Jeffiner

Sorry, I have verbal dyslexia. Always mixing up my words.
by xSkittlerx October 22, 2010
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When someone is trying to say a word they know, in their mind, how to pronounce but it comes out wrong.
Tiff: "I'd like a 10 piece wings, nucular."
Laura: " Nuclear!"
Tiff: " Nuclar, Nucular, am I saying it?"
Laura:" NUCLEAR!"
Tiff: "Nuclear!?! I swear I have verbal dyslexia!"
by pinkeye only November 17, 2010
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