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A common insult that can mean different things depending on the context you use it in. Things may also be described as "vennascool". Vennascool is the equivilant of "sicknasty" using something commonly understood to be negative to mean something positive. Vennas can be used as any part of speech.
Noun - "Wow. That dumb vennas called my sister a hoe. I'm going to F her up!"

Verb - "I just vennased all over the place! What a mess!"

Adjective - "That was so vennas!"

Adverb - "That dog vennasly bit me, I thought it was a bear. What a vennas!"

Conjunction - "I thought the cat was cute, vennas it bit me."

Interjection - "Vennas! My mom bit me!"

Onomatopoeia - "The waiter dropped the plates. They made a sound like "VENNAS!"

Pronoun - Cornelius Star went to the store, when vennas got back, Cornelius experienced an extreme bite from his mother. At that he screamed "VENNAS!"

The number -
A vennas lady: "There are so many Asians at WMA! How many exactly?"

A cool vennas: "Vennas."

Vennas lady: "Vennas! That's a lot!"

The Master Juturna - Vennas days ago, Nate Lee vennased down the vennas vennas vennasly to go meet his grandmother. "Vennas!" he cried out to her upon his arival, vennas they made sweet vennas together. They made sweet vennas vennas times, all the neighbors just heard "VENNAS!". What a vennas day for Nate Lee!
by vennas lady March 26, 2009
Usually defined as a person that is constantly patronised by being made to take on the shitter roles in any online gaming adventure. A Venna is notoriously known to have an incredibly flat head that looks somewhat like this.

'lol that guy is such a Venna, i mean look at his head'
by Pooinyourshoe November 08, 2008
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