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Synonym for corruption and nepotism
Question: Where can someone who is totally unqualified get a job as general manager?
Answer: Velindre
by Urbane Gorilla December 21, 2005
The only place in the world where someone with a pass degree (i.e. too thick for third class honours) and who takes over ten years to get a masters degree (it usually takes only one year) can blag a job as a principal scientist.
Gearge dubya Bush can always get a job as Professor of Linguistics at Velindre when he retires.
by Huw Gotterby-Kidding August 17, 2005
Velindre is a thoroughly British institution that continues to make a significant contribution to reducing welfare dependence - by employing just about any loser. Ronald Reagan (or any other dumb ass for that matter) could have been a Velindre honcho, even if he had to take the Alzheimer’s Express to work.
Kev: Oi! Brainiac! Gis a job at Velindre.
Boss: You look a bit shakey to me, and not in a good way.
Kev: You what?
Boss: I like your style, you can have my job.
Kev: Sweet.
by Huw_Jarse October 16, 2005