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The common misspelling of the word 'vegetarian' by males who, although they often insist they are dyslexic, are in fact, simply lazy.
This misspelling often causes offended 'vegetarians' to stick insulting post-it notes on the offenders back.
Common alias' of said male offenders are: Fox, LamFo, Liam, Lam, boy-in-AcapellaRockafella, criminal mastermind of Wonderful Criminals.

Uses of the word Vegiterian:
1. Often used as an insult to 'Vegetarians.'
2. Can be used instead of using the actual name of a 'Vegetarian'.
3. Can be used to make jokes about the intelligence and observance of 'Vegetarians'.
1. "Stupid Vegiterian."
2. "Happy Birthday Vegiterian!"
3. "The Vegiterian didn't notice me through the disguise."
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