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Taken from the main definition of dance off but twisted for Vegas. When two or more people start dancing randomly in Las Vegas for no prize. IMPORTANT: Must be walking in a casino looking for slots or in the middle of a group of people shopping/walking or make alot of money playing slots/table games. One person screams 'Vegas Dance-Off' randomly. This is important; 'ALL' must dance to make it work. The person that wins is the last one dancing.
Craig, Mev, and Paz were walking down to the wheel of fortune slot machine. Mev yell's DANCE OFF! All three of us start dancing while the senior citizen's look dazed and confuzed. Later we tell the confuzed, its the "Vegas Dace Off!"

Later that evening, all of us were on the esculator and someone yells DANCE OFF! Everyone drops it like its hot on the esculator.

At 2am in the morning, Paz makes alot of money playing BlackJack. Paz screams VEGAS DANCE OFF! Everyone starts dancing and yell 'make it rain' on deez hoes.
by Pazgb February 10, 2010

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