basically, an insane vegetarian
Coach Bittner told Jared that vegans were not insane vegetarians, but he was wrong. Jared is always right!!
by Jared February 19, 2005
An individual who doesn't consume animal products. Sometimes their motives are pure, but for the most part they live this lifestyle to try to be morally superior to others. They can try, anyway.
The Vegans are coming! The vegans are coming! Here's one with a leather coat and shoes...
by tradesman May 13, 2003
Someone who has the option to be nutritiously fed by non meat, non dairy etc products (due to the large options of various vegetables avaliable in supermarket), but now feels somehow righteous in proclaiming that this is a more humane option that eating meat due to a prevaling ignorance of human evolutionary history. For our ancestors, eating meat was not so much as a choice as a necessity - hence large amounts of energy spent on 'hunting' rather that the hardly sustainable 'gathering' of amounts of semi-nutritious vegetables etc of many pre-agricultural societies. It was almost impossible to eat enough veggies to survive. Extended hunting was not wasted energy, and undoubtably because of this, your ancestors were not vegan, as they would not survive long on the limited benefits of this diet (i.e. not long enough to reproduce...). Thus, vegans should never criticise their meat eating relatives, as, without these people, the 'option' of veganism would not exist, as no human would be around to have this choice. Of course you can still be vegan, but this is because of a history of eating meat and not as a workable substitute to it.
Vegan: The exploitation of animals for food is anachronistic, and veganism is clearly healthier, kinder, a better way of life etc.

More 'objective' thinker: Yeah, you can be vegan - but get some historical perspective! Veganism is only really a choice in contemporary societies. Ok i'm conscious and can reflect upon my decisions, but more so i am an animal, and don't just eat meant for irrational reasons - it offers long term benefits! Like still being around today...
by A-S June 15, 2004
A person who dosen't consume animal products. They are unamerican, probably communist, and in the case of the male vegan most likely a homosexual.
That vegan guy goes to the gay bath house too much.
by Joe1961 April 12, 2005
Known to many as a modern day Nazi, the VEGAN is someone who refuses to eat meat, eggs, dairy products, or any other food that is made from that of animal products. People who are mostly vegans include soccer moms, girls with eating disorders, preps/preppies, members of the imfamous terrorist organization known as PETA, people who are obsessed with perserving the enviorment, and morons with more morals than brains. Vegans suffer from lack of protein, which causes diseases such as anemia, an unhealthy look, and a snobbish attitute to those who do not share the vegan's point of views.
Because she was a vegan, Madison became known to her classmates as "skeletor girl" because she looked like a skeleton, due to her lack of protein. Madison also was obsessed with animal rights and had begun insulting people at her school who wore leather and ate meat. Needless to say, she was her school's most hated student.
by smart_girl July 16, 2003
Typically identifiable by their pale, pasty skin, puny limbs and general appearance of malnourishment.

These are symptoms of their unbalanced diet; vegans do not eat any animal product despite it being well-known that the human is an omnivorous species.

Vegans would be tolerable were it not for their dogged insistence on forcing their misguided beliefs upon the rest of the human race. The breed can often be found protesting against various parts of the meat, fast-food and dairy industries. Although they don't seem to concerned about animals consuming other animals...

With luck, natural selection will play its part and veganism will disappear within a century or two.
I fancy a burger but there's a bunch of f***ing VEGANS protesting outside Mc Donald's. Someone hand me my rifle...
by ILMOSTRO February 21, 2005
a person ethically and philosophically superior to non vegans that never consumes products derived from or tested on animals
vagan: what did you have for lunch to day chubby?
non vegan slob: oh just a double cheese burger and fries dripping with animal fat
vegan: why dont you just load up all that fat in a syringe and inject it directly to your heart you fuckin tub of lard!
by xsLaSh3Rx September 09, 2005
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