One who clings to an absurd, phoney "ethic" that is wholly unsupported.

"Vegans" are, almost without exception, juvenile, whiny, soppy, clueless urbanites. They ALWAYS start by claiming to live a "cruelty-free" lifestyle, until the horrible flaw in their own claim is pointed out to them; namely, that tens of thousands of animals are killed in producing the supermarket veggies they happily shovel into their big, fat, gaping pie-holes.

"Vegans" then ALWAYS retreat to claiming they somehow cause "less harm" than non-vegans. This is also unsupportable; someone who buys a half of a grass-fed beef (many, many meals for one death) is certainly causing "less harm" than a whiny, drippy "vegan" shoveling supermarket rice into their cake-hole (many deaths for one meal.)

"Veganism" is sanctimonious self-righteousness parading as an "ethic;" the "ethical" claims of "vegans" are recognized as false by anyone with more than three active brain cells. "Vegans" follow no moral principle; only a cheap, easy, and stupid rule: "Don't put animal parts in your mouth."

The animals killed by "vegans" matter to them not at all - NOT AT ALL - as long as they don't have to see the carcasses.
Ingrid Newkirk, famous moron and supporter of terrorists.
by Signedupman June 29, 2005
Just two steps above Anorexia.

Vegan <-- There it is!
Shadow Vegan

Doesn't get much worse...
"Ya crazy vegan!"
"At least I'm not anorexic"
"pretty dang close!"
by The squished tomato February 24, 2005
an ethically and philosophically superior being who eschews the consumption of all animal products including meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, butter, leather. this includes chicken you lame ass pesudo vegetarians!
i m vegan and and you should be too.
by z March 26, 2005
a person who cannot accept the cruel, natural order of life on this planet.

from this standpoint, they tend to abstain from all things regarded as coming from an animal, which foolishly denies them all foods which are tasty. as a result, the rest of us get to eat more chocolate, cheese, butter and meat. delicious meat.

the fact that these products create a pleasurable taste/smell is because the brain approves of the nuitritional content, but through the tragic infliction of the brain rotting disease; veganism. the subjects maintain that the moderate eating omnivore is risking their own long term health by consuming them. invariably they look on meat eaters/leather wearers as some kind of evil, set on the idea of inflicting pain on animals because we're lazy.
the sad irony of the preaching vegan is that they dont tend to realise that the only torturous behaviour is theirs. tell it to the lions, because im not listening any more.
vegan of the 16th century: because of my diet of nuts and grass saplings i will live a long, healthy and morally superior life...
(that winter the poor fool died of cold explosure because they refused to use leather)
by bluefish July 17, 2004
vegan: a perosn who chooses to live life differntly and is constantly harrased by meat eaters ... who B***h and complain about vegans being nazis. VEgans are SOMIN'N HOT you can only achieve the greatest point of hotness if u where vegan ! TAKE THAT U UN-HOT MEAT EATERS !!
vegan people have reached the ultimate stage of humanity and hotness.
#vegan #people #are #smokinn #hot
by Raynasoycandy April 21, 2006
i am a vegan. and i am cool. be like me.
my name is jen. i am pretty. because i am a vegan.
by jen April 10, 2005
fat as holes who flaunt their veggie killing tenden-cs
whoever doesnt like meat like a vegan...duh!
#idiot #dumb #person #ass #gaiguy
by screwuveggeeaters November 30, 2005
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