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Someone who nibbles on vegitation for sustinance, relies on diet replacement pills and beans to make up for their protein and vitamin deficencies. also does not indulge in any form of lifestyle that has any effect on any living thing other than their own, and will crucify themselves to save bunnies but will cut in line to have an abortion.
"I am not a vegan. I will now eat some dead cow and LIKE it."
by porcelina February 20, 2006
all vegans are freaks, they make us eat salad and shit like that just so they can keep a few animals, most people like to wave steak under their noses to keep them away
person1: ha another vegan wot a freak
person2: ye lets go wave a steak under their noses!!!
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) June 19, 2009
Veganism is a militant form of vegetarianism. Vegan's are the people you'll see eating some of the most unhealthy junk at a health foods store. I've known vegeterians that grow their own vegetables. I've known those who eat meat tended to grow their own veggies also..Then again I live in pklahoma.... Anyway Veganism isn't an adequate diet, and actually many AMeican Physicians tell people to only goto Veganism if oyur planning on using supplements to get the other much needed nutrition in your diet..Depending on your lifestyle Veganism may be for you or may not be for you. NEver listen to Vegans themselves who think they know your lifestyle. If your job requires physical labour the yeah Veganism won't provide much.
I knew a vegan who didn't supplement his diet, and didn't change his dieting qwhen we were on a archealogical dig. He at soy bean on whole wheat, and that was alwork veganism isn't the choice of dieting.l he ate for the entire day.. The guy passsed out twice a day. For that type of
by lordblazer October 16, 2006
A) Someone who eats nothing that has anything to do with animals. Nothing... at all. Nope, not even milk, soymilk, but not milk. They do not realize that plants are living things too, with children and parents, and brothers and sister. I actually just eat plastic, lets hope to god that it doesnt turn out to be alive.

B) 2nd step to becoming a Nazi.
Billy is a vegan, he eats nothing except plants. Too bad, though. The little cabbage never saw it coming. *sniff*

Damn plant eaters...
by Incinerator1990 August 23, 2006
a. Someone who anthropomorphizes animals and endows with with human rights.
b. Someone who is self righteous
c. Someone who looks terribly emmaciated, most likely because of malnutrition, but also because of stressing out about animals being eaten and from protesting against carnivorism. These protests are typically caused by the psychological need for attention and/or as a form of rebellion against society.
a. "That cow has the same rights as you or me...."
b. "Um....did you know that the chicken in that sandwich you're eating was stuffed in a cramped cage and not allowed to move? You need to become vegan, or at least vegetarian"
c. "PETA!!!!! ANIMALS ARE PEOPLE TOO!....hang on I have to sit down for a second I think my leg snapped"
by Cliff Whitty July 31, 2006
A person who avoids all meats and animal products, such as milk, eggs, or leather. Usually a total pussy, who is just trying to be part of some "cause" or lifestyle because they have nothing else better to do. A typical vegan is stupid and ugly, and sports a "Meat is Murder" shirt.

Vegan diets ruin human fetuses, and vegan parents ruin human lives.
Real Life Example of Vegan:
A vegan chick who works at Starbucks bought and ate plain bagels everyday. The dumbass didn't know that the bagels she was eating everyday contained eggs. She finally finds out and says "I DIDNT KNOW THEY USED EGGS TO MAKE BAGELS!!!11"

See? Typical vegan retard.

Since vegans don't like animals being slaughtered for my burgers, we should start slaughtering vegans and making my burgers out of them.
by Anus Magillicutty January 13, 2006
A vegan is someone who does not consume or use anything that is derived from animal cruelty. Vegans pertain to this standard on various levels: Vegans never eat milk, eggs, meat, or gelatin (boiled animal bones), or products containing them. But some vegans consume honey, and some consume white sugar (which could be filtered through charcoal made from cows' bones). Vegans never wear leather, but I have known a few who wear wool that is certified to come from farms where the sheep are happy, healthy, hormone-free, humanely sheared, and not mulesed*.

Vegans are not necessarily hippies, activists, pacifists, or crazies... but some of them definitely are, and they scare me.

*Mulesing is the act of cutting flaps of skin off of a sheep's hindquarters to keep parasites away; it is often performed without anesthesia.
I was vegan (still had sugar and honey) for a time, but my family is full of cooks and bakers, so I eat dairy and eggs if it's a special occasion and the dish was made by a family member.
by The Indie Chick October 22, 2006