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A funny contraption that appeared in the mid-90s for the fat... did I just call you by the F-word? Sod me! You are 'overnormal', 'generously cut', 'horizontally-challenged', 'weight-challenged' and other non-sizist words that you'd use to bluff your way into my world you 'non-little' fatfuck! Any way, it's an electronic belt (like the old 'Chastity one, geddit?)... worn on the midriff and peeps when it stretches beyond a certain limit to curb weight-gain and control/ reduce it.

Fatist puns aside, I think that 'fat' is the worst insult you can call somebody with!
Overweight people now are pulling the bull with fat-flashing 'Fat Pride' bozotic marches, Net 'pornhography' or forumese like BHM (big handsome male) and BBW (big beautiful women a.k.a. 'women of size', 'obeausiful'!)! Get a Vastity Belt, y'all and stop opening the damn fridge's door ya lil' fps!
by hammer---;, hytham May 03, 2007
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