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An awesoem Russian sniper from the Urals, made more famous by 'Enemy at the Gates'. Promised to kill 150 germans in Stalingrad, but came one shy. Killed 40 within a 10 day period, and 400 in total.
Watch enemy at the gates, not an example, a demand
by max May 10, 2005
Shepherd from the foothills of the Urals

Later a Russian Soldier/Sniper,

Was awarded the country’s highest honor, the gold star of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

When the war was over he became a professor in Engineering at the university of Kiev

Wrote a book of his experiences called: Note of a sniper, Wich inspired the movies "Enemy at the gates" and "War of the rats"

He and a small band of Red Army snipers managed to terminate more than 1200 Nazis - mostly officers, sergeants, machine - gunners and artillery spotters.
Read; Note of a sniper

Watch; Enemy at the gates, Alltough its not correctly based upon Vassillis life.

( In fact he was a Active Communist )
by KennethVJ July 17, 2005
The greatest Russian/Soviet sniper, and one of the greatest snipers in history. At the Battle of Stalingrad, he pinpointed his German counterpart (Major Koenig), by tricking him into shooting at a glove on a stick, thus being able to see his muzzle flash and location. The result was that Zaitsev put a bullet in Koenig's head before he had time to chamber a new round (sniper rifles back then were bolt-action).
Vassili Zaitsev and his cleverness and world-famous dead-on accuracy could beat the living crap out of any AWP-wielding teenybopper Counter-Strike noob.
by Captain Dan June 21, 2005