A superhot Puerto Rican playa who gets all the wimmenz. Often found salsa dancing at the hip/hop clubs. All night he holds on to a cup full of ice and lime. Rough around the edges yet soft in all the right places. Often found walking bow-legged due to the massive erect penis he has shoved down the leg of his pants. When he gets down and dirty Carmen will appear.
Person 1: salsa dancing to hip/hip? what's dat dance move called?
Person 2: It's called "do the vasquez"
by th3-o-5ive August 21, 2009
Top Definition
A sex-crazed hormonal beast that preys on his victims with vaseline. This jelly freak isn't afraid of anything, and when drunk can take his sick act to the barn yard. Be warned if you ever see a "Vasquez" run! This lube monster will stop at nothing to quench his thirst for stuffing his victims like a crispy cream donut.
"Hey man, that "Vasquez" so gave me the reach around last night."
"Yeah, "Vasquez" made me his jelly donut slave last night too!"
by PunkyG July 01, 2010
a sexy beast with a large wiener never shuts up constantly talks shit
you lying sack of shit your such a vasquez
by jake_snake December 09, 2008
to abscond with something owned by another, usually candy.
Did someone Vasquez my multi-purpose pen again?
by ramonapat September 20, 2012
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