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Noun:Awesome man. Made of epic win. Also means sexy.

Can also be used as a verb, meaning to win epicly or just be plain awesome.
Noun: "I am so Vartan..."

Verb: Dude... you totally vartaned that...
by Lord TOdd April 19, 2009
an armenian name decending from an armeninan hero vartan mamikonyan, who was very smart, strong and brave
vartan will defeat those dam turks
by aka March 10, 2005
an armenian noob.
"look at that vartan" .. "hes such a noob"
by reasonrev. April 13, 2010
An Armenian name which is also used to refer to human male genitalia.
Girl: So what are you up to today?
Boy: I'm going to play with my Vartan.
by John Moussa October 13, 2008
a immigrant
look the vartan is jumping the border
by sako dza September 14, 2008

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