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Noun - A Vampire who lives exclusively in vans and hunts for prey beneath the seats.
The Vanpire stalked silently between the rows of seats feasting upon ankles and torsos.
by Captain Dick Danger December 21, 2008
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Pale night dwellers who drive vans.
The vanpire feared daylight, only emerging from his minivan after sundown.
by tumblingtomato November 13, 2012
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(n): Any work van, but particularly those from public utilities, with two fluorescent traffic cones mounted in front pointing down so they look like fangs. Incredibly ridiculous looking, since the cones would probably be easier to manage pointed up, but very real.
Haven't we seen that vanpire from the cable company go by fifteen times? Why isn't the damn TV fixed yet?
by Bakabaka2 May 24, 2009
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