Vanilla is rated as normal sex in the BDSM community and the Gorilla looks huge but has a very small penis.
Vanilla Gorilla is a person that looks very big and attractive to many but has been stuck to normal sexual activities probably because of an inferiority complex related to the penis size
by Small banana August 01, 2011
a white man's fat large penis
damn bro, last night i strangled that bitch my vanilla gorilla.
by jesusssss September 13, 2007
an ugly chick who is pale and has a schwing schwong.
damn jessica you are one hell of a pale motha fuckin vanilla gorilla
by grantandy69 August 11, 2007
A large white man in stature with a small penis who thinks that he is somehow better than everyone else and that he can get women waaaay above his level. Hypocritical, judgemental, and thinks all women want him. Usually has the face of a girl and veneered teeth with a great big tummy. Usually cannot see his own junk. Fake sweet with phony smile like a used car salesman. Likes to pound his chest and huff when mad.
Cara:Ha, did you see that huge guy just extricate himself from his fancy car?
Sam: Yep, my friend unfortunately knew someone like that. He was known as the vanilla gorilla.

Arrogant moose=vanilla gorilla
by Smidgen135 November 02, 2011
White caucasian pretending to be black or apart of the culture. Not accepted by white and black cultures a.k.a. "poser". They are mostly found around the suburbs and tend to be too afraid to post up around the capitol and outer city. They are usually found leaning against cars bought for them or borrowed from a parental figure blaring dirty south mainstream music. They also tend to suffer from little dog syndrome while slightly thrown from slight weed inhalation or alcohol consumption. Do not be fooled when they are chillin with a black person, they are just as white. There closest encounter with the hood is the local mall, the downtown theatre, or Bobo's chicken which is next to the suburbs, a safe haven for these mammals.
Damn check out that motha fuckin vanilla gorilla with his white night gown on, posting up on his mommy and daddy's monte carlo!

Does that vanilla gorilla know this is the suburbs?

Shit that vanilla gorilla isn't even stunting the motha fuckin daytons! Not a fine and dandy motha fucka.
by GIN13 December 05, 2009
A group of males with small penises who think they're the shit but actually suck at all physical activities and life itself
That guy is so lame
He and his friends are total vanilla gorillas
by Reallycoolguy November 24, 2014
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