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Patented Vanier Vest allows the user,(Vanier lifeguards) to withstand various forms of abuse usually deriving from either the "children" or more commonly "wannabe thugs" of Vanier. This device, made from to boards of poly-urythane foam, also known as "flutterboards" or "kickboards" is secured in place with a healty helping of duct tape. Hand crafted, these Vanier Vests are suitable for withstanding : stabbings, gunshot wounds, shotguns, 9mm, uzi, spittle, rocks, bio-hazardous material, blunt objects, knukle sandwiches and seringes. To ensure the full safety of you're Lifeguards, in-vest in Vanier Vests.
Hoodlum:"Gimme all yer munny!"
Vanier lifeguard: "Vanier Vest deploy!"
Hoodlum: "Oh sheeit, he's got a Vanier Vest, let's jet!"
Vanier Lifeguard : "Do like the birds and flock off!"
by Big Toker April 14, 2003

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