Large city in the province of British Columbia in western Canada. Includes suburban areas such as Surrey and New Westminster in its metro area. A lot of movies are made here. Basketball team moved to Memphis, Tennessee.
I didn't know if I had arrived in Vancouver until someone told me I had.
by Nutmegger September 24, 2003
One of Canada's largest cities, noted for its temperate climate, dense and diverse population, and beautiful scenery, as well as its proximity to winter-sports mecca Whistler.
The thriving metropolis of Vancouver, nestled between the mountains and the seashore, is constantly voted one of the world's best places to live.
by thebatcave? December 09, 2007
Vancouver Washington
1) A city just north of Portland Oregon.
2) Often confused with Vancouver B.C.
3) Incorporated in 1857.

Vancouver B.C.
1) Incorporated in 1886.
2) Named for Captain George Vancouver. (As was Vancouver Washington.)
Me: I'm from Vancouver.
Canadians: Oh, you're Canadian too?
Me: No, Vancouver Washington.
by EGI-Caboose November 02, 2011
n. a beautiful city where people riot and set cars on fire as a result of a lost hockey game ... proof? Youtube it!

v. common reference to the Vancouver riots of 1994 and 2011.
n. Can't wait to go to Vancouver to watch another stupid riot

v. Dude don't go all Vancouver on us ... she dumped you so move on.
by die_laughing June 21, 2011
Westernmost important city in Canada, beautiful scenery, lots of glass buildings. Looks like something out of an episode of pokemon. We have fantastic skateboarding, food, and entertainment. Lots of good venues for shows. Close to mountains, meaning camping, skiing/snowboarding, and hiking is very popular. Lots of passive asians. Be sure to go to gastown and follow hipsters walking around and go to Granville street at night to see fake Guidos shouting beefs at each other outside of the clubs. I won't mention the cost of living cause everyone else does.
Man A: I'm from Vancouver.
Man B: Oh, cool.
by LucasHamilton April 08, 2011
v. vancouver (vankoover), vancouvering, vancouvers

1. To achieve failure or finish second in a competition or undertaking.
2. To achieve failure in an effort or venture after having had a marked advantage: I had a 2 game lead, but I totally vancouvered.
1. To achieve spectacular failure or finish second in.
2. To fail to complete a task or undertaking in even passable fashion: The boss was counting on me, but I totally vancouvered the report.
3. To fail to make (one's way) with effort.
4. To lose the affection or loyalty of former supporters: We realy vancouvered our fans out there today.


a. A loss, especially in a competition.
b. Second place in a competition.
2. An amount lost or squandered.

Phrasal Verbs:

vancouver out
To fall short or abate.
vancouver through
To overcome success and attain an undesired goal or end.


vancouver the day
To be ultimately found lacking.
The Canucks repeated failed attempts at achieving the Stanley Cup, culminating in an epic failure in 2011 which was marked by the Vancouver Riots.
This was followed a month later by the epic failure by the Vancouver Whitecaps FC to clinch the Nutralite Canadian Championship.
by Fanboy23 July 02, 2011
One of the greatest cities in the world. Voted as one of the most livable cities in the world. Full of different people and cultures. Also the host city of the 2010 Olympics. Vancouver is known as a rainy city, with mild winters and summers. Sadly, the city still has too much crime, drugs, and hobos. Also, Vancouver is the drug capital of Canada, and maybe the world (sadly), and even the term "skid row" came from the dirty and sad Downtown Eastside.
"Vancouver is so great."
"The Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is gross."
"There are too many drugies in Vancouver."
by Vancouver Lover June 18, 2007
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