Beamerville. The highest concentration of luxury cars and souped up civics you'll find outside of LA. Offers the best seafood in the world at good prices. Downtown consists of 99% condo towers and marinas. Very nice and all, but make sure you avoid the DTES next door (Downtown Eastside)! Real estate on the west half of the city will cost both your arms and legs as well as those of your children and grand children. Ownership of a home starts at one million dollars. Have fun paying off the mortgage.
"I drive around the parking lot at Aberdeen Centre in Vancouver and can only find BMWs and Mercedes benz..."

"You can't find sashimi like this anywhere outside Vancouver"

"Sonofabitch...I make 200k and I can't pay off my mortgage! Vancouver sucks!!!"
A gorgeous city nestled between the mountains and the ocean, that ranks on most years as the city with the best living standards in the world. It's got the biggest per-capita health-care budget, best education standards, cleanest water, least pollution, healthiest lifestyles, sexiest moms, best seafood, and by far the most BMW's per capita for any city its size in the world. But for property prices, let's just say you'll need to be able to afford two houses in Toronto before considering the Vancouver market. It's also that place where people are perpetually drinking lattes, doing yoga, skiing and windsurfing all at the same instant, while wearing those coveted lulumon pants.

So why should anyone be surprised that Vancouver is more of a resort city than a head-office town. Familes constantly go out to eat, and enjoy hiking, skiing or kayaking on weekends. Food is cheap, but just about everything else isn't. Traffic is horrendous, and city council likes it that way so to make life difficult for businesses and force people to use bikes instead...resulting in the lowest percentage of private car trips in any North American city. Ironically car-ownership is highest in Canada at 2.3 cars per household...but nevermind that.

Vancouver has its embarrassing roots as a hippy town, where Greenpeace and adbusters once thrived. Though it has long since matured as a city, funny things still happen in Vancouver that don't happen in the rest of Canada, like foreign investors swapping condos that they've never lived in, teachers going on strike over wages that aren't higher than other provinces by a significant enough margin, environmental critics fussing over the best drinking water in the world, protecting mountain views by restricting building heights, immigrant families cooperating together to conceal offshore incomes, or those awkward situations at the gardening shop when you wonder what the sign means when it says "Best pot selection in BC". But this is what makes Vancouver such a unique place to live. Here, we live well, and all else can go to hell.

So the artsy fartsy turd from Toronto complaining about the prints in our pseudo art-galleries, can suck his broadway-loving metrosexual partner back in Central Canada - while Hollywood continues to film their movies on our West Coast- and thank his mayor for giving us the 2010 Games; and the rednecks belittling Vancouver's lack of head offices will hopefully enjoy the fumes from their neighbourhood Stelco plant.
Vancouver is the only place in Canada with a real chance of becoming a world city.
by jonathan guisado November 12, 2006
The land of great beauty with high standards of living, flowing with milk and honey, run abound by Asians, natives, mixed people whose race you can never guess, and sexy blond girls accompanied by their hot moms. The land of fresh seafood, fine dining, and the province's most lucrative agricultural produce - high-quality BC bud - God's gift to mankind. A place where cops can pass by a group of Hondurians dealing cocaine on the corner of Dunsmuir and Seymour...and neither group does a doubletake. The streetscape is filled with beamers, race cars and souped up's a place where you can sit back with your stash of weed and appreciate for eternity the beauty of living in the best place on earth.
Vancouver is in BC, where God lives.
by Roger A December 01, 2006
A place that San Francisco, a city three times its size, tries to copy.
Many cites now look to the concept of "Vancouverism" as a model of sustainability and eco-density to fix the problems facing the typical American urban sprawl. Alas, Toronto is too busy hating the West Coast and fluffing it's feathers as the capital of Canada to notice.
by Francisco66 September 23, 2006
A city on the west coast with godly scenery that enjoys California weather, to which sad bitter obese easterners living in a grey architectureless mess of a wet fart called Toronto hope to some day move to, that is if they can fork out the three-quarters million pricetag for a lower-middle class three bedroom rowhouse two hours away from downtown in leafty suburbs that aren't really suburbs since the lots are about 20 feet wide due to smart city planning.
Fat White boy from Toronto: Yeah I live in Rosedale man.
Asian from Vancouver: Eight city blocks of old money trash
Fat White boy from Toronto: FOB with no working credentials.
Asian from Vancouver: Let's go, my SLR vs ur mother's cadillac
by Asian boi April 07, 2006
Thanks todd for that eye-opening essay about how most Vancouverites are on welfare, and how our beloved Yaletown can't hold a match to what-did-you-say-Edmonton ??? Pity our arts scene, but I don't think the milfs and surfers out here have the time or gayness to stare at a Picasso through some nonprescription set of thick glasses. You should thank us for being so generous. really. Some other town without the luxury of hot chicks, good food, nice architecture, good weather, beaches and glorious scenery should hold the title of Canada's cultural capital. Not hating on any place, but people who knock Vancouver either haven't seen it in 20 years or don't know shit about what they're talking about.
Don't hate on Vancouver, you easterners!!!
by Roger A December 01, 2006
A very small city or very big town located in Washington state. Might as well be North Portland Oregon even though it's in Washington. Absolutely nothing to offer in the way of entertainment accept bars and skate parks. Large Emmo population, Large Mexican population, Large Asian population, Bigger White Population.
guy 1: Where are you from?

guy 2: Vancouver

guy 1: Canada?

guy 2: No Washinton

guy 1: D.C. ?

guy 2: never mind
by Leprechaun Sean January 03, 2009

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