v. vancouver (vankoover), vancouvering, vancouvers

1. To achieve failure or finish second in a competition or undertaking.
2. To achieve failure in an effort or venture after having had a marked advantage: I had a 2 game lead, but I totally vancouvered.

1. To achieve spectacular failure or finish second in.
2. To fail to complete a task or undertaking in even passable fashion: The boss was counting on me, but I totally vancouvered the report.
3. To fail to make (one's way) with effort.
4. To lose the affection or loyalty of former supporters: We realy vancouvered our fans out there today.


a. A loss, especially in a competition.
b. Second place in a competition.
2. An amount lost or squandered.

Phrasal Verbs:

vancouver out
To fall short or abate.
vancouver through
To overcome success and attain an undesired goal or end.


vancouver the day
To be ultimately found lacking.
The Canucks repeated failed attempts at achieving the Stanley Cup, culminating in an epic failure in 2011 which was marked by the Vancouver Riots.
This was followed a month later by the epic failure by the Vancouver Whitecaps FC to clinch the Nutralite Canadian Championship.
by Fanboy23 July 02, 2011
a city that thinks its better than toronto, but really, really, really isnt. Toronto will always be the best city and vancouver and other lame cities like edminton and calgary need to relax and stop being so god damn jealous! Vancouver is crowded with methwhores and heroin addicts, and has serious drug issues that need to be sorted out before the city shames Canada at the olympic games in 2010!
Yo man, vancouver is so much better than Toronto!

Oh.. you must be on crack you jealous douche...
by the truth 101 June 07, 2007
A large Canadian city with more crime than any other in North America per capita. They say its one of the top 3 places to live... but thats only if your rich. The home of the 2010 Olympics. Most people are lower middle class drug addicts. Cocaine, crystal meth, marijuana, crack, all surprisingly popular with the entire lower mainland population. Think Washington, D.C... but in Canada. Nice govenment and media perception.
Vancouver: "I live in a nice neigborhood, and still robberies, B&E's, and auto theft happen in broad daylight".

Oh... I forgot to mention how pleased people are with our low "gun related" homicide rate. You dont need guns to kill somebody.
by HandsomeB.Wonderful April 16, 2006
A city on the west coast of canada surrounded by mountains and ocean. A multicultural and Liberal city with many surrounding suburbs.
Vancouver is a beatifull city but has a darkside to it. It is full of Aids ridden Junkies, East indian, Asian, Native, and Honduran gangs. And all kinds of annoying artsy fartsy weirdo's from other parts of Canada. And lots of arrogant gas bag white collar territiary workers from fucking Toronto. Bunch of fucking whacko communist motherfuckers and conservative business people. And fucking punks and lowlifes and the suburbs are disgusting here. I like Greenpeace and the ethnic foods. Can not wait to move to the heartland or Island when I am done college.
by Shamus Woods July 14, 2005
Vancouver is like the cocaine capital of canada. If you want to see a city full of junkies there you go!
If you want a nice city, I hear southern Ontario has a beautiful one.
by JJ March 02, 2005
New slang term for a womens Vagina
my vancouver is loose
by Pdizzle February 28, 2005
Shitty City I live in. Full of native gangs, mass crime, car jackings, loads of gays, left wing whacko city.
I live in vancouver, i dont support gay marriage, but this shitty city is all left wing whackos and full of gays who want gay marriage so they can fuck men in the ass.
by burning_arc January 23, 2005

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