v. vancouver (vankoover), vancouvering, vancouvers

1. To achieve failure or finish second in a competition or undertaking.
2. To achieve failure in an effort or venture after having had a marked advantage: I had a 2 game lead, but I totally vancouvered.

1. To achieve spectacular failure or finish second in.
2. To fail to complete a task or undertaking in even passable fashion: The boss was counting on me, but I totally vancouvered the report.
3. To fail to make (one's way) with effort.
4. To lose the affection or loyalty of former supporters: We realy vancouvered our fans out there today.


a. A loss, especially in a competition.
b. Second place in a competition.
2. An amount lost or squandered.

Phrasal Verbs:

vancouver out
To fall short or abate.
vancouver through
To overcome success and attain an undesired goal or end.


vancouver the day
To be ultimately found lacking.
The Canucks repeated failed attempts at achieving the Stanley Cup, culminating in an epic failure in 2011 which was marked by the Vancouver Riots.
This was followed a month later by the epic failure by the Vancouver Whitecaps FC to clinch the Nutralite Canadian Championship.
by Fanboy23 July 02, 2011
the only major city in canada to have not won a stanley cup.
wow, those vancouver canucks... they suck soooo much, giving hockey a bad name.
by abdul jafar albinalbinder March 09, 2008
A city with too many Asians.
White Drivers in Vancouver Traffic:

*honks at the car in front* "HURRY UP...WHY ARE YOU DRIVING TOO SLOW?"
"it's obviously an Asian...don't know why they drive so slow...don't they have places to go like the rest of us?"
*sighs* "They are the cause of all this Vancouver traffic"
by kwjz01 January 13, 2011
A city of some kind people & some not,and some amazing sexi chicks & some not.. Hoes 'n sluts! that get pimped smacked,bitch!
also a city of fine smokin hot cars
& a huge group of tuners with civic tuned up to 630hp!
and friendly asian people,not the fuck ups one with there "AzN Pr1DE MuH Nigg@S"!....but the people who have pride in there culture
& who cares about housing costs,Pay to play,vancouver is truly free...why?...ah shit,u can smoke weed in the street if ur into that thing,do whatever the hell u want like hitting the clubs & eating at hooters w/ hoes!...well Some arent!..some are smokin hot models..oo yeaa!....
please,no one think vancouvers a bad place w/ shootings and robbings...thats only in the Ghetto Ass Ghetto parts where they Say Kraft dinner is Too Expensive to buy
and for some reason in Vancouver,you Get stop'd more if you have chrome Wheels....like in a caddy ...ah fuck off for that....watch for urself,each time u see a car stop'd or SUV,it has chrome wheels.....For what reason i dont know why.
in vacouver spider ferrari f430,this smokin blonde chick came along but i had to a smack a ho!,get that new trailer trash in the city out muh fuckin face be4 i put the foot up the ass,trying to marry a Playa for her 2nd time
damn,this ferrari is getting tired,let me pick up a orange Murcielago roadster
"oOOo,check out her big titTyZ,nah fuc that,im a rich playaa,fuk that bitch son!" >:D,dont claim'em,just bang'em!,but i dont need that i got enough! & she cant even make my top ten list! look at all my super models!.

me in spider F360: hey its a honda,lets race
civic: hell yeaa...ya okay,line it up like yo bitch on da bed!
me:wat...oh u fucked up now,son
civic: whaha,600 under the hood,cya!!!..let me hit the N20,681hp!
me in shitty 360 spider:ah fuck,he's 8 car lenths ahead,better throw this shit away 'n order that new f430 or an used Enzo.

vancouver rocks,son!...it doesnt take along time to have fun soon as your there
where my hoe's @
by whoo_Kid October 11, 2006
where spencer is from
spencer: I'm from Vancouver so zip it up and zip it out
by GillianD November 13, 2008
A city in southwest Washington of the United States that I live in. Not known for much except it has a cool place to go to called the Lucid Dream Machine and Amazing Stories. One is a gaming place and the other is a comic shop. A city very few know about since it has nothing really mentionable to notice it for.
My name is Gabe and I live in Vancouver. That's all there is to it, nothing special, so now I'm going to go to the Lucid Dream Machine where you can play games. It's much more interesting than this city.
by Gabe T October 13, 2005
Yes the city is located on a gorgeous spot in Canada with Canadas nicest climate conditions. However its not a metropolis, its not world class, its not "happening"

Vancouver is a sleepy large tourist village. The pace is liken to Mexico. There is not much for big business and people tend to be wandering rather then walking our streets. Theres plenty of coffee shops in the downtown core filled with people who do not work and sit there for hours on end. Some are rich retiree's, most are on welfare which is handed ut freely.

Vancouver was once a fun place to be. But its the hippie city that cannot cope with growth. Traffic is out of hand and the homeless bum problem is staggering. Vancouver is home to the largest slum in North America. Per capita it is larger and worse then anything in the USA including Fynnt Michigan. Vancouver likes to keep this quiet, especially since the slum is located just one block over from its Gastown tourist strip. The hood used to be about 6 blocks long and walkable, now its 20 blocks long and I wouldnt walk there for money. The East Vancouver slum is literally jam packed with junkies. It has the highest rate of aids and hepatitis in North America. Another little fact you wont see on the tourist brochures. How does the city cope? It has needle exchanges where junkies can go shoot up on a sofa while nurses watch them. If that weret enough, they now hand out free herion to the junkies. No kidding, look it up. The result is violent junkies that spread thru all areas of downtown with a huge entitlement chip on their shoulders. They smash car windows for change in the ashtray and women are mugged every day. All this stuff is kept quiet by the city but if you call the newspapers with say a mugging story you will get a dose of reality when they calmy tell you "so what, I've got three calls like this already this morning, call me when you have NEWS"

People think sitting around in coffee shops wearing roots hats no shoes is cool. People dress poorly in Vancouver likely due to the high cost of living and lack of work they do. I've lived in Vancouver since 92 and it keeps getting worse.

Traffic is growing rapidly. Many areas of the city take hours to get through which is puzzling since I cannot figure out where they are going. There isnt a downtown core in Vancouver. Downtown is mostly residential due to a 10 year condo boom. This in turn has caused a reverse commute in traffic and a tax problem for the city since residences pay way less then office space.

2010 winter olympic costs are likely going to push Vancouver to the brink. The high condo density in downtown will likely force the city to raise taxes substancially on residences to cover costs. Many so called hip area like Yaletoen (not hip whatsoever by even say Edmonton standards) are destined for slums.

There is plenty of great surroundings in Vancouver. However there is not much of a city. The Art Gallery features prints. Not kidding, many of the displays are prints which floored me the first time I saw it. There is no arts scene. The symphony and opera are struggling little entities and as a result are not very good. Its a catch 22. They cannot afford to pay due to poor ticket sales and they cannot attract many people due to poor performances. A shame. I think most people in Vancopuver simply cannot afford to go out much and when they do its a hockey game or drinking. Vancouver is pretty low brow.

If you visit visit in the summer when the weather is gorgeous. THat 3 months the city is a great little getway. However the rest of the time is dark rainy and depressing. Its a small town growing into a city and has not faced the problems of that growth. Makes me wonder about its future. So far Vancouverites have proven themselves to have their heads in the sand hoping the problems will fix themselves. With a mounting drug infested slum, reverse commute from residential downtown and lack or revenue plus apple social handouts I cannot see this city improving.
filthy beggar with their Vancouver hands out ... and thats a waiter at the 4 seasons.
by Todd Spodd April 24, 2006
Vancouver: a wet, dreary, smelly, cold, hippy city where you will most likely get robbed at knife-point by a crackhead walking downtown. Has mountains, but u never see them due to cloud cover. 1/9 the size of Toronto, with lots more smelly asians and 50% visible minorities. Terrible architecture where every building looks the same, downtown core like Toronto except absent of any old, big, important, or good looking buildings. it rains for 9 months straight and there's lots of cereal killers and drug fiends, highest crime rate for a major city in Canada. Takes hours to get anywhere on public transit. Prone to:
1. Earthquakes
2. Floods
3. Tsunamis
4. Cereal Killers
5. Asian Gangs
6. Faggot kids who listen to country but think they're ghetto cuz they're from the "west coast"
Person 1:I heard Vancouver's got good weed,
Person 2:Ya so did I, but when i tried to buy some I got robbed by some bastard meth-head who pulled a knife, kicked his ass till he got it out tho.
by robert picton January 23, 2008

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