A city of some kind people & some not,and some amazing sexi chicks & some not.. Hoes 'n sluts! that get pimped smacked,bitch!
also a city of fine smokin hot cars
& a huge group of tuners with civic tuned up to 630hp!
and friendly asian people,not the fuck ups one with there "AzN Pr1DE MuH Nigg@S"!....but the people who have pride in there culture
& who cares about housing costs,Pay to play,vancouver is truly free...why?...ah shit,u can smoke weed in the street if ur into that thing,do whatever the hell u want like hitting the clubs & eating at hooters w/ hoes!...well Some arent!..some are smokin hot models..oo yeaa!....
please,no one think vancouvers a bad place w/ shootings and robbings...thats only in the Ghetto Ass Ghetto parts where they Say Kraft dinner is Too Expensive to buy
and for some reason in Vancouver,you Get stop'd more if you have chrome Wheels....like in a caddy ...ah fuck off for that....watch for urself,each time u see a car stop'd or SUV,it has chrome wheels.....For what reason i dont know why.
in vacouver spider ferrari f430,this smokin blonde chick came along but i had to a smack a ho!,get that new trailer trash in the city out muh fuckin face be4 i put the foot up the ass,trying to marry a Playa for her 2nd time
damn,this ferrari is getting tired,let me pick up a orange Murcielago roadster
"oOOo,check out her big titTyZ,nah fuc that,im a rich playaa,fuk that bitch son!" >:D,dont claim'em,just bang'em!,but i dont need that i got enough! & she cant even make my top ten list! look at all my super models!.

me in spider F360: hey its a honda,lets race
civic: hell yeaa...ya okay,line it up like yo bitch on da bed!
me:wat...oh u fucked up now,son
civic: whaha,600 under the hood,cya!!!..let me hit the N20,681hp!
me in shitty 360 spider:ah fuck,he's 8 car lenths ahead,better throw this shit away 'n order that new f430 or an used Enzo.

vancouver rocks,son!...it doesnt take along time to have fun soon as your there
where my hoe's @
by whoo_Kid October 11, 2006
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Vancouver is a city on the west coast of Canada. It has been voted and said by most to be the most beautifull city in the world. Mountains wall in the city and the ocean crashes downtown. In ten minutes you can be walking in old growth forests. Greenpeace, adbusters, legal pot, safe injection sites and things like this make Vancouver Hated by right wing nuts. Vancouver has the highest density, highest property values and best heath standards of Any city its size in the world.
In Vancouver I sit by the ocean in peace. Every other city seems empty to me after loving Vancouver
by Joe Tippytoes. September 27, 2003
That city where if you own a house already, you can sell it and buy two of the same in Toronto, or three in Calgary, or an entire street in Winnipeg.
My mouldy 1200 square foot bungalow in Vancouver costs one million dollars because it's got a yard. A yard with trees? That'll be a million-two.
by Rexxx September 05, 2006
1. A city in Canada everyone's heard of.
2. A city in Washington no one's heard of. When people hear Vancouver they think Canada and when they hear Washington they think Washington DC. So we're not so popular. But hey, we're next to Portland, which is something. And we have lots of meth.
No one cares about Vancouver, WA.
by Leah was here January 08, 2006
1. A Canadian city located in British Columbia that is surrounded by beautiful scenery (e.g. mountains, water, parks, etc.).
2. A city whose citizens feel the need to remind you over and over again just how beautiful the city is, and just how pathetic and square you are from being from the province of Ontario.
1. Stanley Park, the Coast Range Mountains, the Pacific Ocean, mild temperatures, blah, blah, blah, it's impressive.
2. Person from Vancouver: You want to go smoke a joint and hang out on the beach?
Person from anywhere else: Sounds good, but I have to go cash a cheque at the bank first.
Person from Vancouver: Cash a cheque? What the hell is wrong with you? You must be from Toronto, you poor thing, such an ugly city with rude people. I hate Ontario, there's no good pot or drift wood there. Vancouver is the best, look around, this place is so much better than any other place in our solar system.
by De Beauvoir's Boy February 01, 2005
Large, densely populated international city on the Pacific coast. Third largest city in the nation, largest city in the province. Contains the most densely populated areas in North America and most diverse population in the nation. Vancouver often received accolades from international rankings (usually #1 or 2 in the world). Among most notable, Vancouver will host the 2010 Olympic games.
"I went to Seattle for vacation but can only remember Vancouver!" actual quote from my mom!
by supstanance November 14, 2003
That city where the average house price in the metropolitan region is now $699,000 as of august 2006, and where one in three houses for sale is listed at over a million dollars. Torontonians who move here usually end up downsizing from a 4 bedroom house in the city to a 2 bedroom condo or townhome 3 hours from downtown.
Sells toronto house for $378,000. Heads to Vancouver and looks around...

Richmond: $658,000
Surrey: $544,000
Burnaby: $680,000
Vancouver east: $560,000
Vancouver west: $1,200,000
North Vancouver: $814,000
West Vancouver: $1,500,000
White Rock: $710,000

Shit, looks like I'll hv to live in Victoria or sth...

Victoria: $548,000
Kelowna: $391,000

Oh mannnn...
by Rennie_ September 08, 2006
One of the world's most beautiful cities. A very diverse city.
I wish I cauld move to Vancouver but it's very expensive.
by MSNMSNMSN March 28, 2006
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