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A mixed drink, consisting of an entire bottle of champagne and Gatorade for color. A low calorie variant exists, often called a Rob Reiner on the west coast. In east Philadelpia (born and raised), the drink is known as the modern day mimosa. A paradoxical drink, it will not only give you a hangover, but will also cure one at the same time. A true marvel of modern science.
"Goin out for some VanBurens with the boys!"
by cunnninglinguist May 09, 2010
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Van Buren is the red-light district of Phoenix, Arizona.

When people talk about "Van Buren" in this sense, they are usually referring to the stretch of Van Buren St. east of Central Ave. before the road becomes Mill Ave. at Papago Park.

The nature of the area is made more obvious by the overabundance of cheap motels. Most residents of the Valley of the Sun as well as many other Arizona residents know of the reputation of the street.

It's also commonly used in jokes.
Wanda: I have to leave for work now.
Jake: Down on Van Buren, right?
Wanda: No, that's my night job.

Jessica: You're pretty ugly
Jose: That's not your mom was saying last night at Van Buren.

Maria: My new house is on Van Buren.
Justine: Oh, neat, now you can visit your mom while she's at work!
by Mark Williamson July 15, 2006
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When someone has short hair that has grown a bit too long and it sticks out on the sides like the eighth president of the United States, Martin Van Buren, who was bald with two sticky-outy regions of hair on either side of his head. This happens with normal people who have full heads of hair when their ears make it stick out over the sides.
Your Van Buren is unsightly and it's driving me mad. Just get a haircut already!
by TylerTaira August 16, 2008
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a street found in arizona in where are the hookers go

cheao whores and sluts tend to work their
damnn did you see laura she was at the corner up in vanburen getting that mney last night
by lolalovesme April 27, 2010
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A street in downtown Phoenix Arizona that's beyond ghetto. Really hood. Cheap hookers are all over the place. Lots of crime,poverty,shooting,robberies,murders, etc. You don't wanna be there after dark....or even in the daytime. A very scary and dark place.
ghetto hood van buren murders crime phoenix arizona
by zxc156 January 14, 2016
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